Top 13 Tips for Staging Your House Like a Professional from a Charleston Real Estate Professional

Charleston homes for saleIf you have ever gone into a model house, then you know that they are experts at staging. You walk into that house and instantly can see your family living there because all the decor is neutral and the place is absolutely spotless. This goes for the outside too, as curb appeal plays a huge role in getting you to become emotionally involved with the sale.

Here are 13 tips for staging your house like the experts from our friends over at Charleston SC homes for sale gurus Premier One:

1. Take down pictures of your family because the key here is getting the buyers to imagine their families in this house.

2. Power wash the driveway, fence, patio, deck, sidewalk, and gutters. Better yet, get an expert to take care of this for you.

3. Hire a professional cleaning service to restore the carpet, upholstery, curtains, and all the tile throughout the house.

4. If you have a pet, they have to be crated or kept away from the buyers who may not be pet-friendly.

5. Hire a professional landscaping service to cut the lawn, trim back the trees, bushes, and plant flowers too.

6. If the house is in need of any major repairs, now is the time to call a handyman to come to the house and fix everything before buyers arrive.

7. Start boxing up clutter in the house and get it to a storage unit so your house appears more roomy for those looking for added space.

8. Clean the garage, this is not your personal storage shed. The buyers will be walking through the garage and don’t want that image of clutter stuck in their heads when they try to imagine where they will keep their stuff.

9. If a room looks dated, buy a can of paint and give the room new some life.

10. Open all those curtains and turn on all the lights. Let the buyers see everything without them having to search for light switches in each room.

11. Be sure the buyers know which items in the house will be staying and are included in the sale of the house.

12. Have some easy-listening music playing in the background when buyers arrive, it sets the mood and relaxes them too.

13. Remove all that clutter off kitchen counters and get it to storage. The key here is spacious areas, especially in the kitchen.

Now that you know how to stage the house, get a jump on your buyers and have it model house ready for your realtor to showcase for you.