Tip to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Charleston SEOIt doesn’t matter if you have the best looking website or the biggest inventory, if you are not getting traffic to your website, you might as well be giving everything away. Too many website owners focus so much effort on the visual appeal of the website, that they neglect the most important part, the optimization. Without the major search engines being able to index and rank your content, your website is basically invisible online.

Here are a few ways to increase the SEO of your website to attract search engine spiders and organic traffic furnished to us from the Charleston SEO champs over at onQsites.

Stop trying to cram as many long-tail keywords on a page as you can, and focus your efforts on building a page around one keyword to start. Get in the habit of focusing everything around that keyword, including the text, the images, and even videos. This will help that page rank for that keyword, and getting you noticed for that search term.

Go to the admin section of your website and find the meta section. For each page you produce from here out, you must go to the meta section and fill it in correctly. If you made a web page on buying bulk hooded sweatshirts, then you need to link that term to other similar pages, fill in the meta title with bulk hooded sweatshirts, the description, and keywords too. They go to the title tags for images and videos and put the bulk hooded sweatshirts tag there too.

When it comes to content marketing, you want to give the reader more in value than you take from them in cash. To do this, offer new customers a free trial if they perform a service. That service can be either filling out a brief survey, recommending a friend, or sharing on social media. Treat every customer like a VIP, offer them free services, thank them for their business, and make use of their feedback any chance you can.

Register your website with Google Webmasters Tools, and then each time that you create a new page, make sure that you request Google to crawl the page. This will help your pages to get indexed faster, and it will also get the search engine spiders to your pages more often to find and rank all the other content on your website too.

There you go, now your website should at least be visible to the search engines, so as soon as they crawl the pages they can start being indexed.