Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Tips for New Homeowners

These heating & air conditioning repair tips for new homeowners are designed to help you have an easier time keeping up with your system rather than paying a fortune in costly repairs. Regardless the age of the home or the system, these simple tips will protect your investment for years to come. Follow these tips from Air Mechanical Myrtle Beach SC a leading Myrtle Beach air conditioning repair facility.

Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning RepairTo prevent the heating & air conditioning system from working too hard, place your hand over the air handler casing and feel for any leaks while the system is running. If you feel cool or heated air leaking from the casing joints, simply run a piece of duct tape over the area to stop the leaking.

One of the least timely and costly repairs you can make is changing the air filter. The air filter traps dirt and allergens from getting inside the house, but many homeowners leave the lifters in the air handler too long. A clogged air filter will force the heating & air conditioning system to have to work harder to get that treated air inside the house. A harder working system will break down more frequently, and cost you more than that inexpensive air filter.

Take the time to research a few local heating and cooling repair companies. By investing in an annual service check and inspection, you are getting the professionals in a position to spot potential trouble before it has the chance to become a full-blown heating & air conditioning emergency. This annual expense could wind up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in emergency repairs, not to mention the time without your service at the worst possible times.

Take a close look at the fan unit outside the house. This area should be obstruction free, and nothing should be inside the fan unit. With the unit powered off, look inside and see if any dirt, twigs, leaves, or debris have gotten inside and could be impacted the movement of the fan blades. Clean out the unit and power it back on after the unit is clear.

Check the air vents inside the house, make certain they are all open. A closed vent isn’t saving you money, it requires the unit to have to work harder trying to move air down that duct work to a closed vent. That closed vent is not reducing usage, it is increasing the load.

These heating & air conditioning repair tips for new homeowners will ensure your system is running year long without significant downtime at the worst possible times.