How Your DWI Attorney Can Help Win Your Case in Court

If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI and your court date is fast approaching, the time to speak with a skilled local DUI attorney is now. Your attorney is going to need time to collect evidence and create a defense that will give the judge no option but to lessen the punishment or dismiss the case altogether. Here is how your DWI attorney Greensboro NC can help win your case in court.

DWI Attorney Greensboro NCThe chances of you collecting any evidence in your case are slim to none. Your attorney has been in this game for years, and they have developed a professional relationship with the local police and can easily access any information pertaining to your case. Your lawyer is going to request a copy of the video made during your arrest, then carefully scan the video for anything that appears to be unlawful or a violation of your rights.

Once the video has been analyzed, your DUI attorney is going to find out which field test or equipment were used during your arrest. These devices are not an exact science, so your attorney is going to carefully research to see if the device has a history of providing false readings, and if the field tests were performed accurately. This information is near impossible for the average citizen to collect, but your lawyer has a team that can easily gather the needed information.

The DUI attorney understands these devices used to determine if you were over the limit need to be calibrated correctly after each use. Your lawyer will in fact check to see if the officer had the proper training on the unit used in your case, and if the device was properly calibrated before used in your arrest. Even a small discrepancy could result in the courts ruling that this evidence needs to be tossed.

Your attorney will also put the arresting officer on the stand and question them as to why they selected the devices they used or why they chose certain field sobriety tests. Your attorney has been trying these cases for many years and has been in that same court several times this month already. Your attorney has a professional relationship with the court and all employees, so when they see this lawyer representing you, professional courtesy could help in your favor.

So now you know how your DUI attorney can help win your case in court, pick up the phone and call them before time runs out in your case. For more info visit: